e-Sword is a free Bible study computer software package created by Rick Meyers. Rick Meyers aspired to make Bible study freely available to anyone, while also providing power and depth to research. e-Sword provides several different types of resources, such as Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, reference books and devotional and graphical resources.

e-Sword features

In addition to Bibles, Commentaries and Dictionaries, e-Sword offers the following components and functionality:

  • Bible Markup Overlay
  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Bookmarks
  • Devotional
  • Gospel Harmony
  • Journal
  • Map/Graphic Viewer
  • Localization
  • Prayer List
  • Internal Editor with Spell Check and Thesaurus
  • Reference Library
  • Resource Download Manager
  • Scripture Memory Verse List
  • SermonAudio.com Integration
  • Sermon Illustrations
  • STEP viewer
  • Study Notes
  • Topical Notes
  • Verse Analysis Tool
  • Parallel bible

The program allows the user to view the text of the Bible, Bible commentaries, study notes and dictionaries. Through its customizable layout the user can chose which of these resources to view at once, or how they are arranged on the screen.

You can download e-Sword for free from the official website.